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Combining research, science and a commitment to ethics and health, Organethic Pure Care is winning hairdressers worldwide.

Easy Hair” is the exclusive distributor for Organethic Pure Care products in Australian and New Zealand.

active natural ingredients

 Organethic Pure Care use the purest essential oils and precious plant extracts – ethically sourced from organic farming  – extracted, or distilled from parts of plants and trees, also flowers, fruit, leaves, stems roots or bark.

Organethic Pure Care ingredients and their benefits… 

“Targeted natural solutions for all hair and scalp needs .”

“Organethic Pure Care is proud to supply our partner salons with products they can confidently use day after day, without ever fearing they are damaging themselves or others.”

Vegan OK certification
NO SLS and Parabens

wellness blend treatments

Blends are special blends of 100% pure and organic essential oils enriched with Sweet Almond oil.  These blends help the professional deal with anomalies of the scalp hair and skin – assisted by nature.
No artificial substances, no added fragrances.

Blends can be used to enhance all products in all lines or used pure for massage or delicate treatments.

Essential oils in Blends detoxify the skin by removing external pollutants, re-balance the hydrolipidic film, increase the natural production of keratin and stimulate micro-circulation. 

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Healthy hair and balanced scalp, go hand in hand.

Organethic Pure Care is a range of unique body and hair beauty products, with balanced formulas based on precious plant extracts.
Our Product Lines meet the needs of every type of hair.

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Innovation, passion, technique and experimentation are the key words  of  dedicated hair stylists, wishing to acquire new skills on products, treatments, services and sales techniques.

We  grow together – by continuously feeding our passion, bring together the best professionals through ongoing education.

OKexperience” a global bringing together of like minded creatives to grow and expand their knowledge of technique, through workshops, and hands on training, and of course fun, fun, fun. .       Find out more

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