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Sun Care for your hair

The Sun Care line was created to minimize the damage caused by UV exposure and chlorine.

A line of products based on organic Tamanu oil containing unique healing properties.
A Bottle of Organethic Pure Care Sun Care conditioner.

"Feel the Sun, Protect Your Hair"

Natural UV protection , natural shine for your hair!

Organethic Sun Care offers a unique range of organic products that protect both hair and scalp from the damaging effects of the sun. These products are formulated with Tamanu Oil, an extraordinary oil renowned for its healing abilities. Containing Xhantone and Coumarin, this oil acts as an antioxidant to inhibit harmful free radicals. 

Tamanu Oil is a 100% natural UV filter that offers protection against harmful UV rays and oxidative damage, boasting an SPF 18-22 rating (depending on specific variables.)

Keep your hair hydrated nourished and protected with this organic product line! Perfect for swimmers all year round, no matter if you prefer the pool or sea – get ready to dive in and soak up the sun with beautiful, healthy locks.

Exposure to harsh environmental factors such as UV rays, salt and chlorine takes a toll on your hair just like it does on your skin—however, unlike the skin, hair is unable to protect itself naturally.

This specially developed formula features advanced UV blockers, shielding your hair fibers from the intense radiation. Creating a shield against harmful UV rays, resisting color fade and UV-induced damage. Enjoy the summer worry-free, with the knowledge that your hair is well-protected. Additionally, our sun range contains potent ingredients that help to combat the detrimental effects of salt and chlorine exposure. The nourishing components in this product help to replenish lost moisture and essential nutrients, preventing dryness and brittleness.


Sun Care Benefits

  • Protects from UVA-UVB rays, Salt and Chlorine damage.
  • Natural and organic formulation..
  • Tamanu Oil helps hair and skin retain moisture.
  • Tamanu Oil is found in all our Sun Care products.

Choosing these solutions shows a commitment to sustainability, reducing the impact on marine life when swimming in Australia’a coastal waters, and supporting ethical manufacturing processes.

Their naturally-sourced ingredients and cruelty-free certifications appeal to those  mindful about their ecological footprint, offering peace of mind along with effective  protection.

A bottle of sun care protective hair spray standing on a palm leaf.

Sun Care Protective Hair Spray

Organic Sun Protective Hair Spray

Guard your hair against sun damage and elements like chlorine with our nourishing Sun Care Protective Hair Spray.
A bottle of sun care protective hair spray standing on a palm leaf.

Sun Care Repair Shampoo

Organic Sun Repair Shampoo

Soothe hair stands damaged by sun exposure and oxidising elements like chlorine, leaving them feeling soft, hydrated, and gently cleansed.
A bottle of sun care repair conditioner standing on a palm leaf

Sun Care Repair Conditioner

Organic Sun Repair Conditioner

Restores damaged hair strands caused by UV rays, oxidising elements and chlorine, and replenishes moisture after sun & physical activity.