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T Support

Technical support for Hair Colourists with solutions for achieving perfect colorings, lightenings, and tonings - all with the added bonus of allowing creative freedom to break free from traditional colours.

Scalp and Hair Protection - supporting hair colourist's outcomes!
t-support hair colour tube

T Support - The Ultimate Hair Colourist's Technical Support

Welcome, hair colourists! We’re so excited to introduce you to our T-Support line.

Our products are specifically designed to ensure superior performance for everything from colouring and lightening to toning services. Plus, they’ll lend you the creative freedom to break away from traditional colour charts and craft unique hues. All while protecting your clients’ hair and scalp, as well as providing you with protection during every single salon service. It’s time to take your artistry to the next level—you’ve got this!

 T-support (excluding colour) is so versatile that it can be used to support any professional product- even other brands! 

Our T Support colour line stands out from the rest, offering a range of specialized and pre-mixed nuances that perfectly enhance any type of colour formulation. From Super Lighteners and Lightening Boosters, to Diluters, Correctors, Intensifiers, Toners and Neutralizers—no matter if you’re using Ammonia or Ammonia Free, you’ll make your creative visions come to life.

Organethic Pure Care products are designed for Professionals and Salons that need maximum performance whilst respecting the environment and the planet!

T Support Products

  • Colours: Intensifiers & Correctors, Super Lighteners, Boosters, Diluters and Toners
  • X DefenderDamage reduction & protection
  • Scalp Defender: Scalp/skin protection additive
  • Alkaline Shampoo: Deep cleansing & eliminating chemical residues
  • Porosity Equaliser: Supports the keratin structure, elasticity and porosity
  • Stain Remover: removing colour stain
  • Colour Protection: preventing colour stains on skin

PRO hair colourist must haves

T Support colour - Limitless Creativity

/00A Lightening Booster
  • Increase the lightening power by 1 level of Ammonia Colour (A Colour)
  • Increase the lightening power by 1 level of ammonia Hi-Lift Blondes (12.0A; 12.11A; 12.92A)
  • Lighten natural hair by up to 2 levels
  • Eliminate bars on coloured hair
  • Regenerate old Balayage
Colour Diluter

A pigment-free and ammonia-free shade, with no lightening or colouring power.

  • Dilute as permanent oxidation colour (ammonia or ammonia-free).
  • Dilute all correctors to achieve pastel colours.

Special intensifier formulations to achieve any colour you  desire.

  • Shades with letters for Colours (R=red ect) B;V;G;R;Y;O; Ash & Silver.
  • Shades /34;/43;/64 pre mixed reflections to create new shades.
  • Shades: /12;/29;/71 premixed shades for neutralising warm tones 

Ideal for colouring lengths and ends, especially previously coloured or damaged. A restoring treatment formula as C Colour. 

  • Toning highlights and lightened hair without changing the natural base
  • Darken/freshen previously lightened lengths and ends.
  • Tone-on-tone gloss colouring

x defender - 3 action complex

Hair Protection & Reconstruction

Revolutionary Hair Protection additive that reduces the risk of hair damage by up to 80%.

Its special formulation is able to guarantee a triple protective action externally to internally controlling the damage that chemical treatments can do, keeping the hair strong and elastic – all in one product.

It Protects in 3 ways:

  • Internal Protection: Re-creates bonds with up to 80% efficiency for a stronger structure for a longer time. Vegetal base.
  • External Protection: Thickens and strengthens the Keratin to resist chemical damage. Chemical treatments are not blocked or timing & strength not reduced.
  • Dermal Protection: Vegetal Complex protects the scalp during a treatment.

* X Defender is added to the colour mix after mixing colour with developer.

Active Natural Ingredients: Filmogenic polymer (natural); Vegetal amino acids; Vegetable keratin.

A Shield For Sensitive Skin - Scalp Defender

Anti-inflammatory & anti-burn action.

Hair Lighteners, colours, perms, straighteners or irons can cause skin sensitization, redness or itching.

Scalp Defender’s special formula aims to counteract this phenomenon with its protective soothing and moisturizing action.


New Scalp Defender is a cream product so that it is easy to combine in mixtures between different products and also to apply directly on the skin, making it a very versatile product.

Scalp Defender can be:

  • used for colour or lightening treatments;
  • used for perms, either liquid or fixing phase;
  • used for hair straightening;
  • used directly on the skin, massaging it after chemical treatment;
  • used on burns, due to irons
Among the ingredients found in T Support Scalp Defender is Camu Camu, an extract obtained from the Amazonian fruit that is rich in vitamin C, ellagic acid, niacin, and riboflavin.
It can protect the skin from free radicals thanks to its extraordinary detoxifying properties.
* Scalp Defender is added to the colour mix after mixing colour with developer.
Active Natural Ingredients: Maltodextrin; Camu Camu; Zanthalene; Soy; Bamboo; Avocado oil; Coconut oil; Olive oil; Babassu oil.

Alkaline Shampoo - essential for colourists

Removes residue & improves colour absorption ++.

T Support Alkaline Shampoo was formulated to ensure gentle cleansing by removing dirt and residue from filming products on the hair (eg. styling products).

Also preparing the hair for cosmetic treatments or coloring services, and guarantees the elimination of chemical residues from colouring (which is the most common cause of post colour itch)

It is the ony post colour shampoo we recommend.


  • does not weaken the hair despite alkaline pH thanks to the restructuring active ingredients.
  • does not leave a glassy effect on the hair
  • can be used prior to colour to improve results.
  • suitable even for other brand colours.
  • balanced pH so no dispersion of colour molecules.
  •  When used after a chemical service it stops chemical action.

Active Natural Ingredients: Inca oil 

Porosity Equaliser -repairing existing damage

Control porosity, restore elasticity


Porosity Equaliser can restore elasticity, particularly on heavily damaged hair, by replacing the keratin structure with a molecular web created by phytoestrogens called soy isoflavones.

This molecular web supports the damaged keratin structure, recovers elasticity and rebalances the porosity of the hair.

The formula also contains plant-based proteins for effective hair restructuring which is superior to traditional keratin of animal origin.

Raddish extract is used as both a preservative and a conditioning agent.

Spray prior to a chemical service,  as a post-chemical service or on its own.

Natural Active Ingredients: Soy isoflavones; Vegetal Proteins; Raddish Extract.

colour protection & Colour Stain remover

Removes hair colour from skin & protects skin from staining.


T Support Colour Protection:

A gentle skin protection to be applied before the color service to prevent the skin from absorbing any stains caused by the colour application.

  • Canadian Maple, is a very strong antioxidant and prevents colour oxidation from remaining on the skin, 
  • Orange extract and lemon extract, for a toning and anti-stain action.
T Support Stain Remover:

A gentle oil for removing hair colour stains from the skin.


  • Zanthalene calms and soothes skin and scalp discomfort.
  • Marula Oil regulates skin hydration and has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities.
  • Rice Bran smooths, purifies and softens the skin and is rich in vitamins B & E 

Colour Stain Remover and Colour Protection are presented in a single “duo” pack.

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**Please note our Professional hair care is available to Salons only.

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