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c colour - ethical, restructuring hair colouring

A brilliant union of hair reconstruction and an innovative Vegan hair colour service.
An eco-friendly way to nourish and restore hair deeply. A gentle yet strengthening colour free of PPD, resorcinol, silicones and Ammonia

The perfect hair beauty treatment
C-colour hair colour tube.

C Colour, is the revolutionary hair colour solution that promises it all.

A unique methodology that brings together colour, reconstruction, strengthening and revitalising in one neat eco-friendly Salon solution. Everything a colourist needs in one line, offering PPD free, Ammonia Free and vegan permanent colour, demi colour, and a semi-permanent mask for toning and direct colour. 

At Organethic Pure Care the core of every decision on a product is an ethical choice, one that puts the protection of health at the forefront. C Color embodies this philosophy by combining 6 oil extracts that restructure the hair keratin and protect the scalp. Babassu Oil, Mallow, Chamomile, Argan Tsubaki oil, and Inca seed oil at a percentge of 40%, unlike other colour products which also contain oils, but at a percentage usually less than 1%. This powerful blend ensures strong, durable, silky smoothness from root to tip — truly transformative hair care.

Experience long-lasting shine with a gentle, safe formula that nourishes the hair while covering grey seamlessly. Resulting in strong, healthy hair that is hydrated and super-smooth the ultimate beauty treatment—all without compromising on quality.

Made with organic and natural active ingredients – ensuring strong, hydrated, and shiny hair, whilst covering grey strands effortlessly. 

Why choose C Colour

  • VeganOK Certified.
  • Ammonia FREE. 
  • Rescorcinol FREE.
  • Protects and prevents damage to keratin bonds.
  • 40% organic oils to protect and hydrate.
  • (60% Blue based) Ash reflects. 
  • Natural 3D effect, replicating the effect of natural hair.
  • No Pigment overload which can lead to irritation.
  • Restructuring the hair doubles its strength.
  • 99% pure refined pigments.
  • Removal of Iron, Nickel, Lead and other harmful substances which can also affect the colour.
  • Lower pH than traditional colour.
  • Interactive Stoichiometric Technology: no free molecules which can irritate skin, No colour instability.

Organethic Pure Care applies Stoichiometric principles in the manufacture of its hair colours by providing its systematic and scientific approach to balancing colour molecules. Therefore improving the accuracy and reliability of the formulation and its process.  The Stoichiometric process determines the precise ratios and combinations of colour molecules needed to achieve specific shades.

This scientific approach of balancing colour molecules helps professionals achieve more precise and satisfactory  results, reducing the chances of unwanted variations and colour instability. Free molecules after a colour process are also a major factor in scalp irritation.

unique colour technology

The science behind healthier hair colour

C Colour Families

.0: Natural Bases

.0N: Natural Intense Bases

.1, .71: Ash 

.3: Golden

.43: Golden Copper

.44: Copper

.35, .5: Mahogany

.22, .29, .62: Violet

.6, .66, .60, .64: Red

.39 & .91: Sand Blondes

.32: Golden Beige 

.35/: Warm Brown

C Colour Ashes pigments are matched to neutralise the emerging warmth: eg 5.1 and 6.1 include green to neutralise red; 7.1 and 8.1 have blue pigments to neutralise orange; and 9.1 and 10.1 have violet pigment to neutralise yellow. 

C Colour coppers are vibrant and more Bronze than orange or reddish coppers

Super Hi-lift Blondes are listed in our T-Support (Technical support) line.

Photographic Model: Nicole

Colour: C-colour 7.43

+ Gold Semi Permanent.

Treatment: Silk Moisture Shampoo & Silk Moisture Conditioner

Styling: Silk Potion Cream & Light Beauty Oil Potion.

hair colour mask

Direct Colour Masks

Organethic Pure Care Semi Permanent Masks are a collection of highly pigmented masks designed to breathe new life into hair colour. Perfect to revitalize existing colour or experiment with new  highlights, these masks offer endless possibilities.

One of the key ingredients in these masks is Babassu Oil. Known for its rich content of fatty acids such as omega 6 and omega 9, as well as vitamin A, Babassu Oil serves as an excellent emollient and nourishing agent. It deeply moisturises and softens the hair, restoring shine, body, and silkiness to damaged strands. Additionally, Babassu Oil is a natural anti-aging ingredient, helping to maintain the youthful appearance to the hair.

Not only do these masks nourish and moisturize the hair, but they also provide a burst of vibrant colour. Available in a range of intense  crazy shades, such as red, copper, gold, green, blue and a platinum blonde, as well as the ability to create unique effects, these masks allow for endless creativity and customisation. They can be easily used by clients at home, providing a convenient way to maintain and experiment with their desired colour.

When applied to natural hair, the masks will last for approximately eight to ten washes, while on previously bleached hair, which tends to be more porous, the colour will last for approximately 15 to 20 washes. The masks have a mildly acidic pH, which helps to seal the hair cuticle, resulting in exceptionally shiny and glossy hair.

Sold as 250ml Pump bottles.

Ammonia-FREE, PPD FREE and vegan.



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