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hair bleach

Quick, powerful, and delicate, it replaces the bleaching powder. Cream formulations, as opposed to powder formulations, allow for the addition of soothing and protective natural ingredients to the scalp and hair, to keep the hair as cosmetically intact as possible.

With or without Ammonia : up to 8 levels lift.
White Lightening and Black Lightening Cream Hair Bleach amongst green leaves.

Advanced Hair Bleach - fast, gentle & effective.

Develops faster, uses lower levels of developer, is gentler on hair and skin.

Introducing Organethic Pure Care hair bleach, the latest generation bleaching cream that revolutionizes the hair lightening experience. This quick, powerful, and delicate formula replaces traditional bleaching powder, providing a gentler lightening action without compromising the hair fiber.

Unlike traditional powder formulations, our innovative cream formula combines the best of science and nature to give you a superior bleaching experience. Because our hair bleach is a cream formula we can incorporate a range of soothing and protective natural ingredients to ensure the scalp and hair are treated with the utmost care.

With Organethic Pure Care hair bleach, you can achieve stunning lightening results without the fear of damage. Our unique cream formulation works harmoniously with the hair, preserving its cosmetic integrity and leaving it looking and feeling beautifully intact.

Whether you’re looking to lighten for a change of style, or to create a perfect base for vibrant hair colours, Organethic Pure Care is the ideal choice. Our advanced formulation provides the necessary lightening power, allowing you to achieve the desired level effortlessly while maintaining the hair’s strength and integrity

Upgrade your hair lightening routine and indulge in the benefits of Organethic Pure Care. Embrace the power of nature and science in one convenient package. 

The Organethic Pure Care Hair Bleach comes in two variants:

Both are available in Ammonia or Ammonia Free.
  1. Black Lightning Cream: for perfect cool blondes. This variant is perfect for those seeking a perfect cool blonde. With its neutralization for ash effects, even on darker levels, thanks to activated vegetable charcoal, will result in cool-toned blonde with warm undertones neutralised. The new formula is enriched with conditioning agents that help keep the hair in optimal condition. Moreover, it protects the hair structure with natural origin ingredients. Experience up to 8 shades of lightening with the mixability of white for captivating pearl and sand effects.

  2. White Lightning Cream: for sandy blondes. Designed specifically for your warmer tones, the White Lightning Cream is an ideal product for all application techniques. It not only lightens up to 7 shades but is also suitable for intensifying warm highlights. Additionally, this variant contains natural ingredients that condition the hair, leaving it nourished and healthy.

Black lightening cream Ammonia and ammonia free.

So Ammonia or Ammonia Free?

Some stylists have an opinion that Ammonia Free is a weaker less effective option when considering effectiveness power. With Organethic Pure Care Hair bleach this is definitely not the case. Both Ammonia and Ammonia-Free lighten the hair in exactly the same way, same result same lightening ability. The difference being that the ammonia product is more delicate in its action, so it is more suited to situations where the hair is slightly compromised. Being more delicate makes it a better product for on scalp.

achieve the desired colour without damage

High percentages of organic oils protect hair and scalp!

Black Lightening Cream

Ingredients: 60% oilsInulin a mixture of sugars – sucrose & malt very protective to keratin. Argan for nourishing  moisture. Beeswax for moisture, to soothe and antioxidant properties. Guar is moisturising, soothing and antioxidant properties.

Activated vegetable charcoal reduces up to 50% of the warm pigments, and has a purifying action on skin and hair.  The charcoal in our black bleach contains black pigments which absorb the red and orange tones when lightening.

For medium lighter hair levels the black bleach can be mixed with white for a more creamy, pearly or sandy blonde tone.

White Lightening Cream

Ingredients: 50% natural oils, which keep the hair moisturised and protects the keratin structure. Kaolin comes from clay absorbs and maintains hydration, Corn strengthens, and Beeswax moisturises , soothes and has antioxidant qualities.

Photographic Model: Chiara

Colour: 12.0A + 12.92A  T-support; Shadow with White Lightening Cream + Black Lightening Cream. Toning 11.2 + 11.9 Special Blonde A Colour.

Treatment: Platinum Silk Shampoo & Semi Permanent Platinum Mask

Styling: Hydrating potion & Beauty Oil Potion.

Black Lightening Cream Try Me Packs

We have a limited amount of “Try Me” Packs available. (Salon only)

Please contact our distributor Easy Hair Salon Supplies and ask about our Try Me Packs.

For additional information, you can email our Australian & NZ Distributor Easy Hair Salon Supplies at

**Please note our Professional hair care is available to Salons only.

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FAQ about Black Lightening Cream (Black Bleach) and White Lightening Cream.

What is the benefit of using Black Lightening cream when bleaching hair?

Organethic Pure Care Black lightening cream contains 60% organic oils, which moisturise and protect the hair structure. It also contains vegetal charcoal which contains black pigments that will neutralise the orange and yellow tones of the lightened hair. Resulting in a cooler effect.

What is the difference between black bleach and the blue or purple on the market?

The black bleach is able to neutralize unwanted warm tones and pigment the hair, whereas the blue or purple bleaches only control the unwanted tones but do not neutralize them completely.

How to achieve pearl and sandy tones to hair with the black bleach?

To achieve pearly or sandy effects, the Organethic Pure Care black Black Lightening Cream can be mixed with our white bleach in a 1:2 dilution ratio.

How is the Black Lightening Cream different from the White Lightening Cream when lightening hair.

OPC Black Lightening Cream contains vegetal Charcoal with black pigments that neutralize orange and yellow tones to give an ash (cool)result. White lightening cream will give a warmer tone, and can be mixed with the Black Lightening Cream to suit desired outcomes.

How does Organethic Pure Care Black Lightening Cream neutralise warm tones when lightening hair.

Black lightening cream is made with vegetal charcoal containing black pigment that neutralizes the warm tones that develop in the hair as lightens. It is particularly successful for medium and very dark hair. It's like magic!