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salon hair care - For a better future

A commitment to ethical standards, a passion for perfection and respect for Salon Professionals combines to create something special.
Our products are not only unique, they are thoughtfully crafted to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence.

"Come experience what sets us apart!"
girl with long red hair for salon hair care

Sustainable Style, Professional Power.

We believe in the power of mindful hair care.

A Salon Hair Care line that supports responsible salon professionals making a conscious decision to reduce and eliminate the use of invasive ingredients while providing maximum results.

Organethic Pure Care Professional  Hair Care Range is a revolutionary line of Vegan and Cruelty-free Professional hair care products that offer numerous benefits to both hairdressers and their clients. With a focus on natural, botanical and organic ingredients and innovative formulas, this range provides many hair colour options, gel hair colours, and ammonia & PPD-free hair colours that strengthen and protect the hair.

Additionally, our T-Support line offers tools and products specifically designed to improve hair colouring outcomes and support hairdressers to achieve their desired results.

Furthermore, the range includes hair bleaches, black and white lightening creams, and other technical support products infused with botanical oils to protect the hair and scalp.progessional and PPD

Professional Salon Hair Care Products and colours that are kinder to you, your clients and to the planet

  • Lower pH than traditional colour
  • 99% Pure refined pigments, with no heavy metals.
  • 100% PPD Free.
  • Ammonia FREE options
  • Scalp Protection – less irritation.
  • Triple action bond protection.
  • Interactive technology.
  • Alcohol Free toners.
  • VeganOK Certified

C Colour

Reconstruction and hair colour in one neat package.  Contains 40% organic oils.

  • Ammonia FREE
  • Resorcinol FREE
  • Vegan
  • 99% Pure pigment
  • No Heavy Metals
  • Reduced Allergy risk
  • Interactive Technology
  • Ash reflection (60% blue Base)
  • Lower pH than traditional hair colour.

Active natural ingredients: Babassu Oil;  Malva;  Chamomile;  Argan.


A Colour

Rich moisturising organic hair colour, protects hair and skin. 100% grey coverage.

  • 100% PPD FREE
  • Low Ammonia (0.4 – 1.5%)
  • 80% Resorcinol FREE
  • Vegan
  • 99% Pure pigment
  • No Heavy Metals
  • Reduced Allergy risk
  • Interactive Technology
  • Ash reflection (50% blue Base)
  • Lower pH than traditional colour.

Active natural ingredients: Macadamia Oil;  Mallow;  Chamomile;  Argan Oil.

G Colour (Gel)

Gel hair colour, Perfect for toning and  suitable for all hair types.

  • 100% PPD FREE
  • 100% Ammonia FREE
  • 100% Resorcinol FREE
  • 100% Alcohol FREE
  • Vegan
  • Leaves hair hydrated with polished shine.
  • Lasts maximun of 20 shampoos.
  • Lower pH than its counterparts

Active natural ingredients: Papaya Extract;  Bamboo Extract;  Alpine scutellarin extract.


T Support

Technical Support products assists with problematic hair colouring, protection, correction, strengthening and toning.

  • Super Lighteners
  • Triple action Bond protection additives
  • Scalp Protection additives
  • Vegan
  • Specialty fast acting toners
  • Alkaline Shampoo post and pre service.
  • Reduced Allergy risk
  • Porosity Equaliser
  • Colour and Stain remover and colour protectant.

Active natural ingredients: Vegetable keratin;  Vegetal amino acids;  Soy;  Avocado; Olive oil; Coconut Oil; Camu Camu; Vegetal Proteins; Radish Extract; Marula Oil; Rice Bran; Zantalene; Canadian Maple;  Lemon an Orange Extracts; Babassu Oil;  Tsubaki Oil; Inca Oil; Malva; Chamomile; Argan Oil; 


white & black lightening Cream

Organic Vegetal oil-based creams, containing moisturising, soothing and protective ingredients.

  • 50 to 60% organic oils
  • Fast Lightening
  • Up to 8 levels of Lightening
  • Black (Charcoal) for cool ashy blondes
  • White for sandy blondes.
  • mix together for pearly blondes
  • Gentle on hair and skin.
  • Available in Ammonia and Ammonia FREE.

Active natural ingredients

White: Kaolin;  Corn;  Beeswax

Black: Inulin; Argan; Beeswax; Guar.


By making the change to natural and responsible hair products, you not only prioritize the health and well-being of yourself and your clients, but also do your part in creating a more sustainable and ethical industry. Organethic Pure Care offers a wide range of organic and vegan hair care products that will help you achieve beautiful and healthy hair, without compromising your health or the planet. Make the switch today and experience the difference!

Embracing mindful hair care is a journey worth taking, and Organethic Pure Care provides the perfect platform to do so. Our range of products is carefully crafted to cater to various hair types and concerns while keeping the health and well-being of both hairdressers and clients at the forefront.

So, why wait? Make the change to natural and responsible salon hair care with Organethic Pure Care and experience the transformative power of mindful hair care. Say goodbye to harmful toxins and embrace a healthier, more sustainable approach to haircare. Your clients and the planet will thank you for it!