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G colour - Gel Hair Colour

A new type of gel hair toner for any type of hair, natural or treated. Made with a special formula that uses condensed water and marine algae extracts to balance the hair's porosity.
An acid pH, helps protect hair from damage and contains no alcohol, which can make the hair porous and dry.

Ammonia, PPD, Resorcinol & Alcohol FREE and Vegan.
G Colour bottle sitting in sand

The Magic of G Colour a coloured protective toning veil over the hair..

Organethic Pure Care G colour is a revolutionary gel colour and toner that takes toning to the next level. This versatile hair colouring product can be used on all types of hair, whether natural or treated.

What sets Organethic Pure Care G colour apart is its special formulation, which is based on condensed water. This unique formulation creates an oil-like effect that helps balance the porosity of the hair, ensuring even and consistent colour results.

One of the key benefits of Organethic Pure Care G colour is its acid pH. This pH level prevents any mechanical actions on the hair, which means that the hair is protected from potential damage during the colouring process. This is a major advantage over traditional hair colouring products that can often leave the hair dry and damaged.

Additionally, Organethic Pure Care G colour is alcohol-free. This is significant because alcohol can increase hair porosity and dehydrate the hair, leading to potential long-term damage, resulting in increased porosity and uneven colour. By excluding alcohol from its formulation, Organethic Pure Care G colour focuses on nourishing and protecting the hair, leaving it looking vibrant and healthy.

Choose our G colour for a professional-grade gel hair colour that not only provides beautiful and long-lasting results but also cares for your hair’s health. Experience the difference with this innovative hair colouring product that caters to all hair types, without compromising on quality or performance.

Why is G Colour a better Hair Toner

  • VeganOK Certified.
  • Alcohol FREE.
  • Rescorcinol FREE.
  • Tones hair with a mildly acid Ph for a polished effect.
  • Tones hair treated and natural hair.
  • Lasts up to 20 washes.
  • Maximum Shine and hydration.
  • High concentration of moisturising plant extracts.
  • Controls hair porosity.
  • Beautiful tones.
  • Plant-based and Algae extracts.

Where and when to use G colour.

Hair Toner on dry, natural or colour-treated hair, as in toning foils, balayage and other services.  Especially to refresh the hair mid-lengths and ends with a regular regrowth service.

Colouring with a perm or straightening service. It is perfect to revive and refresh colour after perming or straightening.

Colour Glossing for customers with natural or coloured hair who wish to keep their colour vibrant, or toned between colour services.

First step into colour for all those with natural hair who wish to enhance hair tonality or to play with colour without chemically changing their hair colour.

Add shine to dull hair  or for special occasions, or just because you love super shine.

Colour correction where the reflection needs to be corrected.

Grey coverage and blending up to 30% grey.

Toning Bleached Hair without any sensitization.

balanced porosity for even hair colour

Without dehydrating alcohol!

G Colour contains condensed water and this makes the product visually oily even though it is not oil based, it is water based.

This condensed water is what regulates the hair porosity along the full length of the hair shaft. So Porosity Equalizer in this case would not be required.

The balanced porosity allows for so many more use cases, for instance, it can be used as a hair toner on extremely damaged hair as the balanced porosity will allow for even coverage, and because it has no mechanical action (does not degrade the hair structure) there will be no further damage to the hair. It will be moisturised and not dried out by alcohol.

Similar formulas on the market include alcohol as a solvent to mix the pigments and other ingredients. G Colour does not contain alcohol because it dehydrates hair over time. 

The condensed water, 6 plant-based extracts, two of which are algae provide and keep moisture in the hair. After applying G Colour the hair becomes vigorous, elastic silky and shiny.

G Colour is not based on oxidation, which changes the melanin in the hair, because of this it will not lighten or change the natural or underlying hair colour.

G Colour is mixed with its own specific Activator due to the structure of the formula and can not be used with other activators. This is extremely important as it is not an oxidation colour.

G colour comes in a 60ml bottle allowing two applications per head, and supplied in a pack of three bottles per shade. the developer is 1 litre and a Clear for diluting is 250ml.

The Clear is in the larger size as it is not only used for mixing it can be used to mix with the activator to achieve a clear glossy effect on the hair.

We invite you to try it, we know you will love it.


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