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a colour - complete grey coverage

A remarkably special hair coloring line that pairs Micro Pigments with luxurious organic Argan, Chamomile, Macadamia, Mallow, and Ginger Oils.
Excellent grey coverage -all without a drop of PPD or compromise on being vegan.

Purity and integrity for hair and skin health.
A-colour hair colour tube.

A Colour - the perfect organic hair colour for successful grey coverage

Organethic Pure Care  believes that beautiful colour should not come at the expense of your hair, skin or health.

 A Colour, is a organic hair colour that combines the power of nature with the science of hair care. Our special formula is enriched with natural emollients, calming agents, anti-aging ingredients, and collagen-regenerating properties. Key ingredients include organic ginger, argan oil, chamomile, macadamia oil, and mallow extract.

What sets A Colour apart from other hair colours on the market is its commitment to being free from unnecessary chemicals. Despite containing a small percentage of ammonia (0.4-0.5%), we have managed to create a formula that is 100% PPD-Free and 80% Resorcinol-Free with VeganOK certification. The extremely low ammonia levels allow greater grey coverage, with a significantly lower risk of sensitization to ensure a safer colouring experience.

Why choose A Colour

  • Skin protecting.
  • Moisturising and soothing.
  • 100% PPD FREE.
  • 80% Rescorcinol FREE.
  • VeganOK certified.
  • (50% Blue based) Ash reflect. 
  • Extremely Low Ammonia (0.4 – 1.5%).
  • Intense colours with excellent grey coverage.
  • 99% pure refined pigments.
  • No heavy metals.
  • Lower pH than traditional colour.
  • Plant-based active ingredients.

deeper, better hair colour Results

With attention to skin protection!

A Colour Families

.0: Natural 

.00: Natural High coverage 

.1: Ash 

.3: Golden

.4: Copper

.5: Mahogany

.22: Violet

.66: Red

.13: Sand Blondes

.32: Beige Blondes

.35/.34: Warm Browns

.7:Green Browns

Special Blondes: .1; .11;  .2; .3; .9

A-colour Reds are super intense with 90% pure red pigment, with almost the intensity of a corrector.

A-Colour copper contains intense orange pigments.

A-colour Green Browns  are green based perfect for hair that throws red especially Asian hair. 

Special Blondes are not colours or super-lighteners but special toners that act very quickly.

Photographic Model: Ahlam

Colour: A-colour 3.0 + 5.3

Treatment: Beauty Shampoo & Beauty Hair Mask

Styling: Hydrating potion & Beauty Oil Potion.

As you read you can imagine plenty of use cases for A Colour organic hair colour in your salon.

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**Please note our Professional hair care is available to Salons only.

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