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Hair styling And finishing ethically sourced

A Professional line of Eco-friendly Hair Styling and Finishing products for creating your own style, with the added bonus of the treating power of its natural active ingredients.
Organethic Pure Care styling and finishing products on a retail shelf


Style, treat and protect your hair with nature!

Styling and Finishing: contains precious organic essential oils, Tsubaki extracts, Sandalwood, Altea, Jojoba, Avocado, Ylang-ylang, Sesame, Oats, Mill, Apricot, Mauve and other selected ingredients.

With specific formulations for each hair type for the most outstanding performance.

We understand that when it comes to styling your hair, you want more than just a great look. You also want organic ingredients that help nourish and protect your hair each day. That’s why we developed our Styling and Finishing line — the perfect solution for creating your own unique style while nourishing and protecting your hair at the same time!

Our Styling and Finishing line is made up of the best ingredients provided by nature- we’ve combined knowledge, technology and research to bring these natural treasures together into products that take care of all hair types!

Each product in this line contains natural vegetable oils that provide lasting hydration, protection from the sun’s UVA/UVB rays, and strength to hair fibers. Plus, you can combine different products together to create unique styles—all while keeping healthy ingredients at the heart of each look. Say goodbye to unhealthy styling options–Organethic is here with an innovative solution for comfortable confidence every day!

Our Hair Styling and Finishing Line is Ideal for

  • Adding lasting volume and hold.
  • Is never sticky .
  • Leaves no residue or buildup.
  • Washes completely from the hair.
  • Thermal-protecton, and protection from UVA-UVB sun rays.
  • Can be mixed with other products in the line to increase performance
  • VeganOK certification.

Organic Hair Styling Products

Bottle of Hair Volumising Spray

Volumising Spray

Natural support and volume without weight,

Essential oils of Apricot, Sunflower, Oats, Lavender and Millet volumises, supports and holds the blow-dry.
Bottle of Volumising Foam for hairstyling

Volumising Foam

adds body, hold and volume for all hair styles.

Essential oil of Camellia Japonica (Tsubaki) and Prodew 500 creates voluminous, body for all styles.
Bottle of Texturising Spray for hair styling

Texturising Spray

Boosts body and volume to thin fragile hair.

The main active ingredient of Silver Linden helps to increase volume by adding body to fine and brittle hair.
Bottle of Toy Paste for hair styling.

Toy Paste

gives body and volume making hair elastic and hydrated

Essential oils & extracts of Orange, Sandalwood, Lemon, Altea and Greek Hay form a light styling cream paste, without weight or residue.
Bottle of Beach Spray for hair styling.

Beach Spray

Moisturises, protects and gives natural wavy effect to hair.

Same effect as beach sea salt on your hair, at home, highlighting waves or natural curl.
Bottle of Curl Booster for styling curly hair.

Curl Booster

forms & holds natural curl, making it soft & elastic.

Curly Hair gel with elastic effect. Eliminates frizz & moisturises, with essential oils. Leaves no residue.
Jar of sculpt paste styling wax for styling and finishing hair.

Sculpt Paste

increases body & lift in fine hair holding & supporting style.

Essential oils of Hazelnut, with Castor oil, caranuba wax a perfect blend to sculpt and hold fine hair without weight or residue.
Jar of Clay Paste for styling hair.

Clay Paste

Strong hold finishing wax for medium hair and no residue.

The healing properties of soy, avocado and sunflower oil, beeswax & cranberry extract for a matte strong holding paste, that holds, defines medium hair.
Jar of Fiber Paste for styling hair.

Fiber Paste

Fibrous & elastic paste supports your style allows it to move.

Essential oils of Jojoba, Castor oil and honey create this fibrous modelling wax with medium hold. It is never sticky, does not weigh hair down. No residue .
Hydrating Shiny Spray Bottle, perfect for adding shine to hair.

Hydrating Shiny Spray

Shine, moisture and brightness to all types of hair.

Avocado oil, jojoba, rice, sunflower, altea and aloe extracts: for luminosity and hydration without weighing down!
Bottle of Texture Booster for hair.

Texture Booster

Volumising dust for volume, lift and control to flat and fine hair.

A fine dusting powder of wheat protein and natural Silicon Salts to model and add structure to all types of styling.
A Jar of Matte Paste perfect for hair styling and finishing.

Matte Paste

Piecing and modelling texture, lift and hold with a matte finish .

Shea-butter and extracts of Aloe, Oat, Millet and Mauve flower nourish and add hold an texture to the fished style. Non-greasy leaving no residue.
Bottle of Hydrating Potion hair serum.

Hydrating Potion

moisturising serum to help eliminate split ends.

Jojoba Oil, Avocado, Sunflower Seeds, Sweet Almonds, Ylang-ylang & Sesame Extract, hydrates, softens curly hair.